The Toddler Travel Trunk

The gear. The essentials. Some we hate, some we love. Some we keep, some we sell. All the major stuff we use that is toddler-related we will use, reuse and review right here in all our parental honesty.

JetKids BedBox

A must buy piece of luggage for your toddler.

The JetKids BedBox was a fantastic purchase from day one. Albeit out of 10 flights, we probably only used it in half of our flights. Not once was it banned though… and we flew Qantas too. It is probably right that it is dependent on what beautiful plane crew you get.

Toddler was asleep on the first flight within an hour using the JetKids BedBox. Being around 20 months he was already too tall to lie with his legs straight, he usually slept in a somewhat side-foetal position or on an angle with his feet tucked under our legs – that made it perfect.

It is light, easy to assemble, has great storage and generally really convenient. We both would consider it a must buy.

Osprey Poco

A must buy baby carrier.

The Osprey Poco is a must for anyone that likes to hike or simply walk longer than a toddler’s legs can handle. We bought the Poco a year before the flight so we could take walks around Sydney.

The back supports, adjustable straps and general rigidity made it a perfect backpack for both toddler and parent. What I found was that you could adjust teh straps at different stages of your walk or hike to focus pressure on various parts of the body, be it the shoulders, hips or sections of the back.

Stokke PramPack

Now you may be wondering if we brought a Stokke Xplory along with us to Iceland? You may be surprised that we didn’t. Instead what we used the prampack for was to carry the Portacot and Osprey Poco Child Carrier – instead of a pram.

The reason why we did this was on most of our flights we were allowed to take onboard a pram as a free item. And the portable cot and child carrier ended up being the two most used and useful items on the trip that fit perfectly inside the pram pack.

phil&ted’s Traveller Portacot

A must buy portable baby cot.

While we didn’t use this so much in Iceland except for the last night in Grindavik it was used anywhere were we had normal accomodation. Toddler loved it and was asleep within 30 minutes each time.

It is a a little involved to get it assembled but it can be done within 5 minutes.

Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting Toddler Snowsuit

A toddler’s saviour in Iceland.

This was really key for Iceland. Toddler wore this every night and some evenings too. It kept him warm in zero degree celsius temperatures.

An essential travel item for any toddler going to colder climates – and especially camping in a rooftop tent!

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