The Itinerary


We were somewhat ambitious with our journey. We started off from our home city of Sydney, bought tickets to Dublin via Dubai and then proceeded to catch a red-eye flight to Iceland. While the entire journey was stretched across 5 weeks, Iceland was explored in a condensed nature-packed 8 days.

We had some inkling of a couple of highlights we wanted to see in Iceland, but we weren’t all that prepared besides booking a car with a tent. We ended up looking at another fellow Icelandic traveller blog for a few tips and insights, but we also like the impromptu style of travelling to see where the road takes us.

Having travelled together across Central America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia and South-East Asia impromptu escapes are our blood now.

After Iceland we ended up defrosting in Alicante, Spain. A wonderful and enlightening experience in itself, which may be explored on another blog some other day.

OCTOBER UPDATE: The itinerary is still under design as I haven’t managed to find a suitable solution for the creation of a overview of the itinerary. But note that I am working on it and aiming to have it up by the end of November. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime please get in contact if you have any related enquiries.