The Parental Pack

This is the ‘Parental Pack’ page where I name and review a few travelling essentials. Stuff for the people travelling through Iceland, not only related to parenthood, but adult-y things like guidebooks, backpacks, clothes and travelling stuff. Only a couple of Iceland related items here. It might expand…

Lonely Planet Iceland (Hardcopy) Review

As mentioned in Day One of the travel blog, despite the all the wonders of the internet, I feel there’s still a place for a good travel book, and it was just the thing to get the travel juices flowing with some nice glossy pix, a few historical facts, and proved to a nice memento of our adventures to come. Perhaps it’s an attachment to the romanticism of guidebooks, not to mention the convenience — no on/off button, no notifications, no stuffing around with SIM cards or fighting for reception, no flat battery, just a simple turn of a page and a story ready to be immersed in.

Lonely Planet Iceland & Lonely Planet Ring Road Iceland (iBook version) Review

These iBooks are a do not buy. In fact I received a refund through Apple within about an hour of purchasing. While they have the same excellent content as the book that I review above, the layout of each is just atrocious. It is a bit of a mix and match as you go and it has a total lack of usability.

I understand the screen is smaller and varies between iPhones, but seriously Apple needs to relook at how iBooks are made. Web pages have now gone the responsive route, why can’t iBooks?

If you are reading this after just having bought either of them, go to Apple’s excellent iTunes Support: Report a Problem page and request a refund NOW.

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