Day 8, Grindavík to Keflavik via Reykjavik

We started off the day clearing out the remnants of our supermarket stash, and leaving our wonderful emergency room cabin in the Tjaldsvæði Camping Ground in Grindavík. What a beautiful little rest stop before and after our trip, and hands down the site of the best camping ground in Iceland.

This day was the most planned of them all with a scheduled early dip in the infamous Blue Lagoon (prebooked and prepaid weeks ago!).

After a beautiful moonscape like drive we arrived at the ultra-touristic Blue Lagoon. It was an experience that is almost an obligation when visiting Iceland, and while it was warm, relaxing and surreal, it felt a little regimented, especially being ushered (or rather ordered) by a Scottish wash room security guard.

The pool itself was an intriguing experience where we encountered a couple of selfie-obsessed NFL players, obese Americans and general tour group tourists (a.k.a the herd). Cheeky-sneaky seemed to rate the experience a 5 stars out of 5 and was generally amused by all the characters as well as the enjoying the balmy waters.

The Blue Lagoon experience almost lost a star because of the bathroom transfer, but he enjoyed all the pampering and the hot hot showers. As a bonus it was really clean and I can only say that this was one of the advantages of getting there super early (thanks to toddler early rise time).

Following our own self-cleaning it was time to hose down the 4WD. That was achieved in the Blue Lagoon’s carpark with a final wash in Reykjanesbær.

We still had some time up our sleeve before the flight so we headed to Reykjavik for a stroll around old town. All that activity made for some real hangry-inducing belly aches, so we went for some default tasty goodness to avoid complications. You guessed it, another about of Icelandic Domino’s Pizza (for the second and last time). We strolled down to Domino’s Pizza in Hjarðarhagi, about a 15 minute walk from where we parked (near the Embassies of France and Russia on the street named Túngata. It was a lovely alk around what looked like some old communist blocks (were they ever under communist rule? Update: After some googling, Nope.).

From there we meandered towards the lake in the centre, called Tjörnin (photo above) and then visiting Reykjavik’s City hall. A nice relaxing ending to our travels, and a nice summary of all that is to be enjoyed around Iceland.

The final drive was to the car drop off and that was Iceland! WOW. What at trip. It seemed like we were here for a few weeks not just 8 days (maybe thanks to our incompatibility with the cold).

The drive around Iceland was generally smooth and I would visit here again once driverless cars are in full use everywhere, just so I can gawk at the scenery. (Hey Tesla, want to give us a ride next time?) Or maybe go for an upgrade, so that we didn’t have to sleep in the cold. I would bank on the driverless cars though, how cool would that be!

And Day 8‘s travelling stats were 125 kilometres driven over 2 hours and 26 minutes. And flying 3210 kilometres (to Alicante, Spain!) in 5 hours and 13 minutes. Thank you for reading!

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